Health Check: are you maximising your SharePoint investment? 

Despite the significant investment in evaluating, selecting and implementing SharePoint as a document management solution, a rising number of businesses are finding themselves unable to optimise the platform to its full potential post-implementation.

Often staff are unable to find and share the information they need, when they need it, impacting on productivity and collaboration.

Information security is another common issue, with businesses finding that unauthorised staff have access to restricted information such as payroll or human resources due to poor configuration.

Without proper consideration for design and configuration, systems quickly become difficult to use and maintain, increasing the total cost of ownership.

How do I know if SharePoint is operating efficiently?

Symptoms your business is using poor SharePoint practices include:

  • Staff can’t find the information they need, when they need it
  • Staff have access to restricted information
  • Staff don’t know where to store files
  • Search is not returning expected results
  • Staff are sharing documents as email attachments
  • Staff are duplicating content
  • Content approval process is slow
  • Content is frequently out of date or irrelevant

A carefully planned SharePoint environment backed by a strong information management strategy helps to ensure teams can use the platform to its full potential.

A Health Check for your SharePoint environment

GWI can provide an independent review of your SharePoint configuration and a clear, actionable plan to address the issues and ensure your software is best supporting your strategic direction.

The Health Check includes:

  • Review of your current SharePoint configuration and publishing model to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Stakeholder engagement with users to identify key issues and opportunities
  • Identification of problem areas such as; workflow, search, site structure, metadata, permissions, information discovery, retrieval and sharing
  • Benchmarking against best practice
  • A clear, actionable implementation plan to address key issues
  • Support to identify additional resources or vendors, if required
  • Training and internal communications support

Because we don’t sell software or systems, our advice is fiercely independent.

For more information contact GWI’s Enterprise Content Management specialist, Consulting Manager Julie Kilner on 1300 364 430 or email

Julie Kilner

Julie Kilner
Consulting Manager