Information Awareness Month Series – Empowering innovation 

Wrapping up our Information Awareness Month series is the last step in the process; empowering your organisation to innovate and optimise business processes with the information you have.

Information enables employees to take measured risks while creating newer products or solutions. Drawing on what’s available, managers can encourage experimentation and the generation of new ideas and solutions.

Good information sharing practices can unlock the knowledge within an organisation and discover more efficient processes. This can not only help a business increase efficiencies and reduce costs, it can also achieve inestimable benefits for a community. In this post, GWI CEO Neil Makepeace talks about the ways that information sharing can assist police and child safety officers to help vulnerable children.

Sound information management techniques combined with digital technology has also become a critical enabler for cities to innovate and become ‘smart’. Targeted, relevant and data-led business change can allow councils to provide better services to residents more cheaply.  Read more about the opportunities presented by smart cities in this article by GWI Executive Chairman Neil Glentworth.

Innovative information management principles can even be applied to help you determine the best way to eat a cupcake, as explained by Consulting Director, Dr Vanessa Douglas-Savage.

Dr Vanessa Douglas-Savage
Consulting Director