Information Awareness Month Series – Managing the information you have 

May is Information Awareness Month and to celebrate we’re taking you through our steps to a successful information journey. The second step is to find out how to manage the information you have.

There is plenty of information generated in your organisation, but without adequate ways to efficiently manage it, you may struggle to maintain vital sources of information that help leaders make better decisions.

Once you have decided to invest in information governance – whether you’re establishing or improving an existing information governance program – you need to prepare an implementation schedule to implement your information governance program. For an easy guide, Consultant Mark Salmon has compiled a list of 10 factors that will be your keys to information governance success.

Classifying the information we have can provide structure for our working lives and help business leaders understand where best to focus strategic efforts. To learn more about classifying your information, read Consulting Director Vanessa Douglas-Savage‘s guide to getting classification right.

Finally, it is important to keep in mind that the usefulness of your data in the future will be determined by the quality of the information and data management practices you set-up today. This really rings true when it’s accessed for a purpose other than was originally intended, or as in the example provided by Consulting Director Michelle Teis, following a significant period of time between uses.

Dr Vanessa Douglas-Savage
Consulting Director