Where are you most likely to be a Commonwealth Athlete? 

Have you ever wondered what your chances are of marching into the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony to represent your country at the Commonwealth Games?

Because we love data, we crunched the numbers to find out which country you are most likely to become a Commonwealth Games athlete in, based on population and the number of athletes in this year’s games.

We found that on the Gold Coast this year, 0.0020% of our population in Australia have been selected to represent their country in a Commonwealth Games event, despite having the most athletes competing in this year’s games.

But we’re not alone – England, Canada and New Zealand similarly have hundreds of athletes competing, but relative to their population your chances of becoming an athlete are a lot lower.

So, if you are thinking about changing your career to become a champion athlete, here are the top 10 countries you can move to increase your chances:

RankCompeting CountryNo. of AthletesCountry Population%*
2Norfolk Island181,7481.0297%
3Falkland Islands153,1980.4690%
4Cook Islands189,2900.1938%
7St. Helena97,8280.1150%

*Percentage is based on the no. of athletes competing in the 2018 Commonwealth Games compared to the country population. For example, approximately 1.17% of the population of Niue are currently representing their country in the Commonwealth Athletes, primarily due to the population of Niue being relatively low.