The new QSA Records Governance Policy: What you need to know 

The new Records Governance Policy released by the Queensland State Archives (QSA) in June has significantly shifted records management from an operational to a strategic focus. So how does this shift impact Queensland Government public authorities?

The changes reflect QSA’s intention to enable records governance practices to align more closely with strategic business goals and provide a clear link to how records management is a key enabler of business outcomes. The new requirements provide public authorities in Queensland with more flexibility when it comes to managing their records. Records management approaches can be tailored to suit each organisation’s size and maturity level.

Here are some of the key points for Queensland public authorities:

  • It doesn’t impose the use of a specific system. This means that your organisation does not need to store records in a dedicated electronic and document management system (eDRMS). It allows for each organisation to choose the systems appropriate for their situation and customise practices according to their requirements.
  • The policy encourages agencies to align records governance practices with the existing structure and frameworks already in the organisation, including agency strategic and operational planning.
  • Records should be managed based on the value or risk they present to the organisation. This means effort should be focused on managing the most critical records as opposed to those that are of low value.
  • Access and discoverability of records increases value. Records should be captured and stored with sharing, use and re-use in mind as well as safe-keeping. This drives operational efficiency and the value of information to the organisation.

The new policy incorporates the now repealed IS31 Retention and disposal of public records. It should be noted that there are no changes to retention and disposal requirements.

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Amanda Day
Practice Manager

Livia Porto

Livia Porto