The GWI graduate experience begins 

By Livia Porto

After a month as an intern at GWI, I was given the opportunity to become part of the team permanently. I am just in the beginning of my journey, starting to get in touch with some client work, and I can already see the benefits of working in the same industry I am studying for.

Because of my first year’s subjects at QUT, I could complete the first tasks assigned to me without struggling too much. I had the theory in the back of mind and could apply it to a real-world need. I could use the theory learnt in my Information Architecture class to design infographics, checklists and project plan timelines, as well as Information Retrieval techniques to help in the research process for case studies development.

Recently I had the chance to participate in a series of workshops held in one of our clients’ office. The aim was gathering information to develop a business requirements document around information structure (information architecture). It was amazing to see our Consultants in action conducting the workshops!

I am looking forward with excitement to all the learning I know I will go through and eager to collaborate to GWI’s professional growth and excellence.