The Game Changer 

The Game Changer: Leveraging Enterprise Information Management for Improved Performance

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) programs have not lived up to their promise in recent years. In many cases the promised business benefits have not been realised. Too often EIM programs are undertaken as a reaction, to improve compliance or reduce risk exposure. As a result EIM initiatives run the risk of being too complex, IT rather than business driven and generally lacking in suitable measures and defined benefits.

EIM is not simple, and the case studies for failed initiatives are plenty. However, we believe that with an intelligent and structured approach to investing in EIM initiatives which directly relate to business information requirements, and which resolve business problems or leverage potential opportunities the chances for success are high.

GWI has a proven track record across the  EIM domain, we understand the challenges facing EIM initiatives. We’d value the conversation to identifiy strategies and techniques to overcome those obstacles.

We work with organisations to deliver value and differentiate in the market space or service delivery area, while creating stronger relationships with customers, suppliers and stakeholders, effectively changing the game – through information.

Neil Glentworth

Executive Chairman