Business Advisory - GWI

Business Advisory

Through our business advisory practice we:

  • help clients to make robust business decisions based on insight and evidence derived from their data and information
  • develop business structures, systems and processes to maximise the benefits of data and information assets
  • advise on strategic changes to business, including the creation of smart communities, investment in civic data infrastructure, open data, or public policy development and change
  • support clients through specific business challenges such as data breaches, assuring critical information flows, investment and procurement, and assuring complex information systems programs
  • provide advisory services across public policy, corporate strategy and strategic sales and bid support

What we do

Strategy and Advisory
  • Strategy development
  • Investment assurance
  • Public policy advisory
  • Civic data infrastructure
  • Open data
  • Smart communities
Governance and Security
  • Information and data governance
  • Digital rights management
  • Privacy impact assessment
  • Data breach crisis response
Policy and Performance
  • Policy and standards
  • Program definition and assurance
  • Capability and performance
  • Procurement

We empower organisations by

  • Improving business efficiency – from productivity, to operational planning, and investment planning
  • Analysing the true nature of business problems – providing a robust and grounded analysis for decision-making
  • Enabling strategic decisions – using data and information to make evidence-based decisions for corporate strategies
  • Managing risk and opportunity – including privacy, digital rights, data breaches, security and identifying emerging risks
  • Adapting to change – from disruption, industry changes and regulatory change
  • Building better communities – including developing strategies for data-driven communities, and using open data to drive innovation.