Digital Transformation

At GWI, our Digital Transformation services harness rapid changes and innovation in technology and IT, to create business value and solve perplexing problems for business, government and community clients.

Through our Digital Transformation offer, GWI:

  • gives our clients — business, political and community leaders — the roadmap and resources to execute with confidence
  • helps our clients turn strategy into something real, acting as the translators organisations need between business and IT
  • uses technological advancements to help organisations revolutionise their organisation, their sector and ultimately, redefine the difference they can make in the world
  • increases efficiency and improves decision-making to enhance customer and employee satisfaction, and gain a competitive advantage.

What we do

Public Sector Advisory

Data-driven advice that is backed by evidence-based practices.

Digital Strategy

Defining a plan of action to guide organisations through using technology to solve business problems.

ICT and Program Governance

Ensuring senior managers retain control of — and responsibility for — an organisation’s ICT program.

Program Definition and Support

Support that identifies risk and clears roadblocks for successful program delivery.

Smart Cities

Using data and technology to create efficiencies, improve sustainability, create economic growth and enhance the community.

Organisational Capability

Ensures businesses manage resources effectively to gain a competitive advantage.

Change Management

Provide direction, structure and capability to enable organisations to efficiently and effectively transition to future state.