Digital Transformation

Every day, GWI is trusted by businesses, governments and communities to unlock the potential of their data and information, letting it speak for itself and guide smart decisions. Our team of experienced professionals are quick to mobilise and dedicated to delivering real solutions on your timeframe and budget, not ours. Our diverse service offering and passion for doing work that matters ensures we maintain the highest standard of work across a wide range of industries and fields.

At GWI, we use data and information to get to the heart of what matters by:

  • making sense of data and information, organising and managing it to its full potential
  • gathering data and information across organisations, departments and communities to explore problems through a powerful whole-of-system approach
  • going beyond compliance to drive business performance and real results
  • exploring the world through a data and information lens, uncovering insights that empower leaders to act
  • removing the guess-work and roadblocks to create business value and the right solutions for a better future.

Digital Strategy

Defining a plan of action to guide organisations through using technology to solve business problems.

ICT and Program Governance

Ensuring senior managers retain control of — and responsibility for — an organisation’s ICT program.

Program Definition and Support

Support that identifies risk and clears roadblocks for successful program delivery.

Smart Cities

Using data and technology to create efficiencies, improve sustainability, create economic growth and enhance the community.

Organisational Capability

Ensures businesses manage resources effectively to gain a competitive advantage.

Change Management

Provide direction, structure and capability to enable organisations to efficiently and effectively transition to future state.

Public Sector Advisory

Data-driven advice that is backed by evidence-based practices.
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